Presented by Shalini Arora, Natural Health Counselor, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor


Discover the 3-Step Blueprint That Helps Women With Under Active Thyroid Manage Their Weight And Gain Energy

In this Masterclass, I’ll share:

  • 3 simple steps to BALANCE your under-active thyroid, shed unwanted  weight and restore your energy levels.

  • The misunderstood food that will skyrocket your ENERGY and help manage your weight.

  • How to eliminate bloating and feel SEXY again (HINT: It’s not counting  calories).

  • How to JUMPSTART your metabolism, even if you are on Thyroid  medication. Leaving you feeling lighter and more energetic in as little as one week.

  • The TRUTH about Hypothyroidism and why it may not be the life sentence many believe it to be.

  • How I REVERSED my Hypothyroidism naturally (and how you can too).

About Your Host

Shalini, the Queen of All-Day Energy, is most well-known for helping  women with underactive thyroid problems. She is a master at assisting women to lose unwanted weight and increase their energy levels.

She reversed her hypothyroidism a few years ago and ever since then, her mission has been to help women feel heard, get relief from  symptoms, and get back to living a joyful life.

She is a qualified Natural Health Counsellor, Certified Health Coach, and  Yoga Instructor. She teaches her clients a holistic approach to healing  their bodies. This approach focuses on Nutrition, Balancing Hormones, and managing emotions.

It is her passion to see her clients feel energetic in as little as one week,  free from aches and pains and seeing the needle move as they  progress.

She believes in the body’s ability to heal itself when given the right  environment. Women’s health is your right, and you deserve to live the  life of your dreams, fuelled with joyful energy, and absent from pain.

This is for women who have tried EVERYTHING, but still  feel miserable, even on Thyroid medication.

Watch the  FREE training and take the first step towards limitless  energy and freedom from pain.

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